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Tomoe Gozen
Homeland Song
Pikold Mise
The Countess - "Shit, oh dear!"
Voodoo Is Bad
Michele's Dream
Savannah's Dream #3
Gummy Bear Fire and Ice
Roland Deschain
Flying Willy
Duncan Trussell and His Pink Unicorn
Family Portrait
Happy Gnome
Alien Tums
Felicia's Dream #2
The Joys of Life
Flower vs Bees
Ikkyu Sojun I
Ikkyu Sojun II
The Lady
Spartacus Rebellion
The Iceman
The Ten Thousand (Pt. 1)
The Ten Thousand (Pt. 2)
The Duel
Crazy Horse (Pt. 1)
Crazy Horse (Pt. 2)
Neopolitan Chat
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