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'Savage Buddha' Makes Pro MMA Debut

This weekend has been nothing short of exciting; from dealing with the weight cut, to watching my teammates come back from their fights splattered in their own blood, to being mad-dogged by my opponent and her crew, to walking up to the octagon and the lights and the cameras, to hearing the cheers of the most amazing fucking crowd, to entering the cage, to going into that 18 second blur that was the fight, to seeing my opponent laid out on the canvas, and finally destroying the buffet afterwards with my loved ones! Wow...

To my guys at The Compound MMA, THANK YOU! Coach Sean, you are the man. Thank you for the privilege of fighting under you. My sweet, sweet friends and family that came through, THANK YOU!!! To everyone that couldn’t make it but were always writing and sending support, thank YOU. I always enjoy reading your words of encouragement!! And Daniele, baby, thank you for all that you do. This was a blast, but wouldn’t have been as special without you!

Proudly representing Onnit, FIGHT CHIX Apparel, Datsusara, Shaman's Simple Solutions, and Float Clinic!

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